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My Journey with the Chakras

I took my first chakra yoga class in Whistler Canada, at Wanderlust in 2013. 

Chakra Yoga

I'm sad to say I can't recall the name of the teacher. It was one of the last classes I took on the last day of the festival. I was tired. And sore. And by the end of class VERY GRATEFUL for the gentle nature of this chakra balancing class. It was literally 7 poses in 1.25 hours and we started with a 15 minute savasana! It was hard to get up! LOL (and if you've never started a yoga practice with a savasana, you should try it).

Honestly, in 2013, I didn't know much about the chakras. Ok, REALLY honestly, I STILL don't know "MUCH" about the chakras. (What is much - the more I learn the less I know). The experts have decades of experience and education.

MY real education on these energy centers started with my own yoga teacher training in 2014.

At the Asheville Yoga Center we learned the ins and outs of the nadis, kundalini yoga, and learned to relate chakras to HABIT - to act in a circular way. The chakras themselves are often depicted as spinning circles and our habits are what keep our chakras in balance or out of balance.

For example, I'm currently working on my 2nd and 3rd chakra. With an imbalanced 2nd and 3rd chakra I experience too much frustration, sadness, low self-confidence and powerlessness. (These experiences are personal to me and an imbalance in these chakras can manifest in other ways.)

My habits of mind are negative thinking (focusing too much on negative emotions) and my habits of body are inactivity (During my YTT, I referred to myself as a professional porch sitter). So I try to include more positive affirmations, mindfulness and meditation and combat my habit of negativity and I try to incorporate daily movement and exercise to increase my confidence and will power. 

Me, just after completing my YTT in 2014.

Profound experiences from the past:

One of the most profound experiences I had with chakra work was using pranayama and visualization to strengthen my brow (ajna) chakra. I did this specifically to help me make a critical decision in my life that I felt I needed more focus and clarity to 'see' the right choice. It was this exercise that led me to make the decision to quit teaching yoga and focus on my Centering Pendants full time.

If you're interested, the video I followed is on Yogaglo, by Rod Stryker.

Another powerful chakra experience I have (almost daily) is the experience of grounding through my root chakra. I stand in mountain pose to do most of the work I do, making the pendants, because my desk is at standing height. As I make, I purposefully place weight equally between both feet and feel the weight of my body grounding down through the floor.

The root chakra channels earth energy upward through the feet and legs to process and stabilize it. When we are grounded, we are one with life.

I also love grounding, yoga practices that are mostly on the floor, on my back, which help me arrive in the space I'm in and be more present. (Grounding yoga practices are great when traveling). It is also possible to ground in a seated position, feeling the weight through your sits bones, like in meditation.

Savasana in 2013

Chakra work can be powerful.

I have cried my eyes out after opening my heart center and felt the energy of the chakras up and down my spine in the span of one breath.

If you're interested in chakra work or chakra healing, I suggest taking classes from EXPERIENCED teachers, getting the help of a certified reiki professional, attending kundalini classes or doing your own reading and practice to know the best way you can work on your chakras. Don't laugh, but a book I keep around for general referrence on the chakras is The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier. 


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