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Seasons and Cycles Mentally and Emotionally

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It's easy to get bogged down in day-to-day frustrations. Realizing we've completely lost sight of our New Year's Resolutions, intentions or goals, negative thoughts can start to run amuk at this time of year. It's cold, the days are short, and everyone is broke after Holiday spending (whaddya know, all those things we bought didn't bring us the happiness we were searching for (but that's another blog post...)).

My mindfulness practice this past year since creating Centering Pendants has allowed me to become fully aware of my cycles of mental and emotional states through the seasons.

Typically, in Fall I would begin a bit of a mental downward spiral and by winter it becomes difficult for me to motivate myself to do anything. February and March would be the most difficult months for me: I would realize how little I've accomplished of what I intended back when I set New Year's resolutions and consequently would feel some major guilt, and doubt about my capabilities.

I attached to a story of my inability to succeed, year after year.

In the past, any goals I made for the month of January were out the window by about the 2nd week and by March I would be full-on sulking in my own self-pity, having manifested my failure once more. It used to be that when I realized I hadn't called that gallery back who contacted me 3 months ago, I'd feel so guilty that I would never call them back. The worst part though, was that not only did I not follow through with opportunities, goals and intentions, I would attach so much negative meaning to fickle nature, about what type of person it made me, that I would easily end up in a pile of low self-esteem, worthlessness, feeling incapable of ever being successful.

But this year is different. Having my Centering Pendant has allowed me to frequently and consistently be mindful. I am fully aware that I experience the same fears, doubts and insecurities but now I mindfully choose not to attach to them. It's the attachment to them that used to manifest my failure. 

Change takes time. It takes A LOT of time. Decades people, I'm talking decades. But I don't let that deter me. 


A consistent and frequent mindfulness practice helped bring some perspective:

1. I am aware of my thoughts, mental states and emotions. This can bring up some real heavy duty shit, so it's good I also...

2. Practice non-judgement. I don't go attaching a bunch of negative, self-hate talk to the things that come up. (ok, at least I TRY not to - that's the real work).

3. I use a mantra or affirmation that really helps bring me back to my truest Self.

  "I am whole and complete".


This year, with consistent and frequent use of my Centering Pendant, I've been able to ride my seasonal cycles of doubt and insecurity with a little more grace and a lot more productivity. 

I can honestly look back on these first few months in 2018 with some pride: even though I experienced a lot of the same negative emotions, I was able to continue working, taking baby steps towards my success.

As Spring arrives - a rebirth, a renewal of faith, and motivation comes a little easier - I am feeling better than ever!

In this woman's humble opinion, consistency and frequency are KEY. A Centering Pendant can be used to ReCenter yourSelf at any time, in any moment. 

Change your thinking, change your life.

Copywrite (c) 2018 Margaret Graham

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