Centering Pendants
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Custom Request

There are several ways to customize your pendant. Go to my Etsy Shop and press the "request custom order" button.

1. an inscription on the edge/side (or back side): your favorite mantra or affirmation or any other words meaningful to you can be carved into the pendant. There are limitations to the number of characters and this feature is not available for the small size pendants unless you want the inscription on the back side. "Request Custom Order" here.

2. There are several designs to chose from. All the desings are originally hand drawn in 'scratch foam' to be editioned only 20 times and then retired. Normally the same design is on the back and front of a pendant but you can request two different designs on either side. The only limitation is that they must match up in size. Small with small, chakra designs with chakra designs, mediums with mediums, etc. "Request Custom Order" here.

3. Partners: Do you and your partner want matching pendants? "Request Custom Order" here.

4. Meditation Group Leaders: Get multiple matching pendants for your meditation group. Contact me about pricing. "Request Custom Order" here.

5. Yoga Teacher Trainers: Get multiple matching pendants as a gift for your retreat goers, or YTT trainees. Contact me about pricing."Request Custom Order" here.

Please contact me here to get started on your custom Centering Pendant.

"I am expressive"

For Partners - "always"

18 matching pendants created for yoga workshop participants