Centering Pendants
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Jewelry Care

Every Centering Pendant and MGGS jewelry item is individually handmade and should be treated with care. 

All pieces have been oxidized (which is like intentionally severely tarnishing them), brushed with 0000 steel wool to remove the oxidation in raised areas, polished with a polishing cloth, and coated with a sealant in order to delay tarnishing.

Fine silver tarnishes slower than sterling silver, however, all metals over time will tarnish. To slow the tarnishing process, avoid direct contact with water, excessive perspiration, and chemicals like lotion, perfume, and chlorine. 

Store your jewelry in a dry area (not the bathroom!).


To clean your jewelry, use a jewelry polishing cloth or 0000 steel wool from any hardware store (or both!).  Rubbing the jewelry with a polishing cloth from time to time will bring the high shine areas back to a nice shine.