Centering Pendants
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About Centering Pendants

Centering Pendants are both a work of art and a functional tool, with a unique and intentional form.

These pendants have a functional purpose because they serve as a reminder to take a brief moment to center anytime of the day. 
The form of Centering Pendants is unique and intentional: two concave halves, assembled back to back with a hole in the middle create the perfect space for you thumb and forefinger to slide together to touch in gyan mudra. You'll immediately feel calm, grounded, and centered.
Like coming hOMe, to your Self.
    Copper Pendants
Every pendant is also a handmade work of art. I start with a hand drawn design in scratch foam, press it into precious metal clay, assemble it from four parts, laboriously file and sand (repeat, repeat, repeat) and then fire it at 1650 degrees in a small kiln. The pieces come out as 99.9% pure silver, white bronze, or copper. The pendants are then cleaned, polished, oxidized, and given a brushed finish.
Then they are ready to serve you on your path to living a more mindful life.
My signature and an edition number (#/20) are carved into the outer edge of each piece. Only 20 of each design is ever created.
Signature and Edition#  
If you have an idea for a custom design or words to include on the back or side of your pendant, click the CUSTOM link above and let's get started on your one-of-a-kind, personalized pendant.
OR click right here to see Centering Pendants that are ready to ship.
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