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INSCRIBE MINE - Custom, inscription, words, writing, add on, handmade, engraved


This listing is an add-on item to one of my Pendants with Purpose. If you purchase this WITH a Pendant with Purpose you are buying a custom inscription on your pendant.

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PENDANTS WITH PURPOSE, not pendants with clusters OR irregular edge, plat pendants with gold accents.

Placement: Can be on the back of the pendant, or on the side (NOT ON SMALL PENDANTS)

**For small pendants, words can only be inscribed on the BACK**

Number of Characters: I have limited space to work with, especially for the smaller pendants.

Small - 8-10 characters (I am loved),
Medium - 8-15 characters (I am expressive),
Large - 8-20 characters (Trust in the Universe),
X-Large - up to 25 characters (I am a wave and the Ocean).

Think NAMES, MANTRAS, PHRASES, words that have meaning just for you.

This pendant may serve you for the rest of your life. A lot of people who have one say they NEVER take it off.

Make it special.

Get it personalized.

Have it forever, the words it in immortalized.

Namaste (7 characters ;))

Depending on available room left over for writing, I usually inscribe my initials MGGS and the edition number for the pendant #/20. If there is not room, I cannot inscribe this.