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MADE TO ORDER Small Chakra Pure Silver Yoga Meditation Lotus Chakra Pendant Necklace, Pendant with Purpose, Seconds to Center, Stay Centered


NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK. MADE TO ORDER. ~2 week turn around time.

999 Silver chakra pendant handmade by Margaret Goodson Graham Studios. From a hand drawn design in scratch foam, pressed into clay, then fired in a kiln, to a 99.9% pure silver pendant .... with purpose ;)

With our busy lives these days, it is difficult to find time for self care routines, work-outs, yoga, meditation ... but with this new pendant, you can remember to breathe, come back to the present moment and remember what's really important. It's a few seconds of self care every time you touch it. And those seconds add up! You can choose also to use this pendant in your meditation practice or as a drishti in your asana practice. This pendant helps you Stay Centered and it only takes Seconds to Center.

This pendant is two-sided, each side has the hand-drawn lotus design on it and is concave, so your fingers slide right to the center.

Choose your chakra design, one you need balanced or just your favorite design. All designs are hand drawn, editioned 20 times and then retired.

*1st chakra Root - at the base of the spine - basic needs, the physical, health, grounding
*2nc chakra Navel/sacral - just below the navel - pleasure, sex energy, vitality, joy
*3rd chakra Solar Plexus - just above the navel - self love, freedom, strength, will power
*4th chakra Heart - at the sternum - love, kindness, compassion, the bridge between the lower and upper chakras
*5th chakra Throat - at the center of the throat - self-expression, sharing, communication
*6th chakra Third Eye - between the brow - openness, clarity, intuition, connectedness
*7th chakra Crown - the middle of the top of the head - knowing, oneness, divinity


Materials: 99.9% pure silver pendant, stainless steel chain (you choose the length)

Size: Pendant diameter is ~7/8 inch

Model is wearing a 16" chain.

Each pendant is handmade by the artist in her studio near Greenville, South Carolina. There will be minor differences between every pendant. We do our best to be consistent in the making but please allow for some differences.

This is a brand new direction for the artist, Margaret Goodson Graham. :)

Your Goods will arrive in a Kraft box made of 100% recycled materials, ready for gift giving.

Copyright 2017

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