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READY to SHIP: Small 12-Petal Lotus Flower, Shiny Copper Pendant Necklace, Pendant with Purpose, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness with bail


READY TO SHIP: Small 12-Petal, Lotus Flower SHINY COPPER Pendant Necklace with bail

**IMPORTANT: Please read all the info under *MATERIALS: Copper to be sure this is the right metal for you**

Pendants with Purpose are both a work of art and a functional tool, with a unique and intentional form:

These pendants have purpose because they serve as a mindfulness aid. If you meditate or pray with the pendant, you can set intentions in it and be reminded of those throughout your day, every time you touch it.

The form of the pendant is completely unique and completely intentional: two concave halves, assembled back to back with a hole in the middle and an outer band around the edge. When your fingers slide to the center, and touch, it will feel like coming hOMe, for a physical and energetic connection. You'll immediately feel calm, centered, and, connected and be reminded of your intention or prayer. Or use it as a reminder to have a mindful moment: a non-judgemental awareness of the present moment.

Every pendant is also a handmade work of art. I start with a hand drawn design in foam, pressed into precious metal clay, which is then assembled in four parts, filed, sanded, and fired at 1750 degrees in a small kiln. The pieces come out as copper (also available in 999 silver and white bronze) and they are all double sided. The pendants are then brushed with a steel wire brush, and polished.

My signature and an edition number (#/20) are carved into the outer edge of each pendant.

If you want words inscribed on the side of your pendant, purchase the "INSCRIBE MINE" listing in the shop ( and we'll get started on your one-of-a-kind, personalized pendant. Please read all of the description to know how many characters can fit on each size pendant.

*DESIGN: Small 12-Petal Lotus Flower (A small version of "The Original"). All designs are hand drawn, editioned 20 times and then retired. My "signature" and the edition number are inscribed in the side of every pendant (including those with inscriptions!).

*MATERIALS: COPPER - a soft metal, which tarnishes (oxidizes) easily. The pendant will not stay shiny for long, (especially with you touching it all the time). Copper tarnishes to a brown color due to contact with your skin, other chemicals and oxygen! You can use lemon juice or something equally acidic with salt to get the shine back. ***I choose not to use a protective coating*** because it contains harmful chemicals and there are benefits of copper to our bodies when the copper has direct contact with your skin. Copper is said to help with arthritis and circulation. ***Some people's skin turns green when wearing copper*** and this is different for everyone. If you are concerned about this, I would request the stainless steel chain and in a length long enough that the pendant itself will lay on your clothes, not your skin.

*SIZE: Pendant diameter is ~11/16 inch (18mm), chain length is optional. lobster clasp is shiny copper, except in stainless steel option.

Model is wearing a 16" chain.

A portion of proceeds goes to Light a Path, a non-profit in Asheville, NC, bringing yoga and other somatic therapies to underprivileged youth, homeless, incarcerated and others who would not otherwise have access to these modes of healing. #connectioncreatesresilience

Each pendant is handmade by the artist in her studio near Greenville, South Carolina. There will be minor differences between every pendant. We do our best to be consistent in the making but please allow for some differences.

This is a brand new direction for the artist, Margaret Goodson Graham. :)

Your Pendant will arrive in a Kraft box made of 100% recycled materials, ready for gift giving.

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